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Building Relationships, Like Building a House 
Episode 1

Change Can Be Scary
Episode 2

Gotta Have Friends
Episode 3

Good Friends  
Episode 4

Plan for Change  
Episode 5

Healthy Relationships
Episode 6

Lasting Relationships
Episode 7

Secure Relationships
Episode 8

Honesty and Venting
Episode 9

Change Takes Time
Episode 10

Home Life Improvement
Episode 11

Parenting, Discipline, and Fairness
Episode 12

Parenting and Healthy Expectations
Episode 13

Gratitude and Blessings
Episode 14

Family Problems and Hope
Episode 15

Family Problems and Repairs
Episode 16

Marriage and Family Tools
Episode 17

Missing Someone You Love
Episode 18

Life After Loss
Episode 19

Mama Knows Best
Episode 20

Loud House
Episode 21

Positivity and Progress
Episode 22

Parenting, Best Job Ever
Episode 23

Parents, You Better Shape Up
Episode 24

Rolling with Challenges
Episode 25

Calm Down, It’s Going to Be Okay
Episode 26

All In, Family Teamwork
Episode 27

Living on a Prayer, Family Life
Episode 28

Committed to Marriage and Family
Episode 29

Tips for Marriage Success
Episode 30

Patience at Home
Episode 31

Relationship Tools
Episode 32

Blueprints and Building Relationships Episode 33

Balance and Compromise in Marriage Episode 34

Keeping It Light at Home
Episode 36

Communication and Family Relationships Episode 37

Anger and Forgiveness
Episode 38

Meet Me in the Middle
Episode 39

Stress Management at Home
Episode 40

Words Can Hurt or Heal
Episode 41

Love and Respect in Marriage and Parenting Episode 42

People Pleasers and Control Freaks
Episode 43

Encourage Your Family
Episode 44

Trust Your Family
Episode 45

Communication and Compromise
Episode 46

Your Style of Home and Home Life
Episode 47

Boring is Good
Episode 48

Second Chances
Episode 49

Focus on the Good
Episode 50

Self Compassion and Organization
Episode 51

Making Memories
Episode 52

Gratitude and Family Life
Episode 53

Welcoming Family In or Shutting Them Out Episode 54

Happy Anniversary and Many More
Episode 55

Labor of Love
Episode 56

Home Life Maintenance
Episode 57

Building Great Relationships at Home Episode 58

Moving Day and Sweat Equity
Episode 59

Series Finale, Big Reveal
Episode 60